Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


Paul Adamson talks to Fiona Hill

Senior Fellow at Brookings and former Senior Director for European and Russian affairs at the US National Security Council / August 2020

Foreign policy and security challenges in the 2020s

Paul Adamson talks to Martin Sandbu

European Economics Commentator at the FT and author of "The Economics of Belonging" / July 2020

"The Economics of Belonging"

Paul Adamson talks to Duncan Robinson

Brussels Bureau Chief of 'The Economist' and 'Charlemagne' columnist / July 2020

Analysing the EU's current in-tray

Paul Adamson talks to Bojan Pancevski

Germany Correspondent of the Wall Street Journal / July 2020

Angela Merkel and Germany's leadership in the EU

Paul Adamson talks to Jonathan Portes

Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King's College, London / June 2020

Crafting a UK immigration policy post Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Enrico Letta

Former Prime Minister of Italy; Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris / June 2020

Italy, Europe and the EU Recovery Fund

Paul Adamson talks to Madeleine Albright

Former Secretary of State and author of 'Hell and Other Destinations: a 21st Century Memoir' / June 2020

Europe's place in the world, transatlantic relations and the US presidential elections

Paul Adamson talks to Eric Lonergan

Co-author of "Angrynomics" / June 2020


Paul Adamson talks to Anand Menon

Director of 'UK in a Changing Europe' / May 2020

Assessing the UK stance in the Brexit talks

Paul Adamson talks to João Vale de Almeida

EU Ambassador to the UK / May 2020

Moving up a gear in the Brexit talks

Paul Adamson talks to Sophie Pedder

Paris bureau chief of 'The Economist' and author of 'Révolution Française: Emmanuel Macron and the Quest to Reinvent a Nation' / May 2020

Understanding Emmanuel Macron

Paul Adamson talks to Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Author of 'Stars with Stripes' and former U.S. Ambassador to the EU / May 2020

Rebuilding the transatlantic relationship

Paul Adamson talks to Christian Leffler

Former Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service / April 2020

Challenges in forging EU foreign and security policy

Paul Adamson talks to Daniel Dalton

CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in the EU and Belgium / April 2020

Making the business voice heard after Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Will Hutton

Principal of Hertford College, Oxford and columnist for The Observer / April 2020

No more business as usual after the Coronavirus

Paul Adamson talks to Erik Jones

Professor of European Studies and International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins / April 2020

Europe needs a massive fiscal stimulus in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman

Managing Director for Europe at the Eurasia Group / March 2020

The coronavirus and its political and economic impact in Europe

Paul Adamson talks to Denis MacShane

Author of 'Brexiternity' and former UK Minister for Europe / March 2020

'Brexiternity', Labour's leadership and Europe's new progressives

Paul Adamson talks to Jacob Poushter

Associate Director, Global Attitudes, Pew Research Center / February 2020

European public opinion 30 years after the fall of Communism

Paul Adamson talks to Catherine Barnard

Professor of EU Law and Employment Law at Trinity College, Cambridge / February 2020

Implementing Brexit Phase I and the upcoming tensions in Phase II

Paul Adamson talks to Wojciech Wiewiórowski

European Data Protection Supervisor / February 2020

Data protection and the global impact of GDPR

Paul Adamson talks to Eva Maydell

Member of the European Parliament / February 2020

Making coalitions in a fragmented European Parliament

Paul Adamson talks to George Parker

Political Editor of the Financial Times / January 2020

The politics of Brexit Phase II