Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


Paul Adamson talks to Stella Creasy MP

Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe / December 2023

The Labour Party and Rebuilding Trust with the EU

Paul Adamson talks to Simon McDonald

Simon McDonald, former Head of the UK Foreign Office, now cross-bench peer and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge / November 2023

'Beyond Britannia - Reshaping UK Foreign Policy'

Paul Adamson talks to Emily O'Reilly

The European Ombudsman / November 2023

Holding the 'geo-political' European Commission to account

Paul Adamson talks to Anu Bradford

Professor at Columbia Law School / October 2023

'Digital Empires: The Global Battle To Regulate Technology'

Paul Adamson talks to Peter Kellner

Former President of YouGov and a Visiting Scholar at Carnegie Europe / October 2023

Labour's election prospects and its evolving stance on EU-UK relations

Paul Adamson talks to Richard Gowan

UN Director at the International Crisis Group / September 2023

Inside the UN General Assembly

Paul Adamson talks to Peter Foster

Public Policy Editor at the Financial Times / September 2023

'What Went Wrong With Brexit - And What We Can Do About It'

Paul Adamson talks to Ben Judah

Author and Journalist / July 2023

'This Is Europe - The Way We Live Now'

Paul Adamson talks to Michael Heseltine

President of the European Movement UK and Former Deputy Prime Minister / July 2023

Britain's future relations with the European Union

Paul Adamson talks to Paul Tucker

Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England / June 2023

'Global Discord: Values and Power in a Fractured World Order'

Paul Adamson talks to Sunder Katwala

Director of British Future / June 2023

Making the case for inclusive patriotism

Paul Adamson talks to Sophia Besch

Europe Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace / May 2023

Understanding Germany's changing role in the world

Paul Adamson talks to Tim Bale

Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London / May 2023

'The Conservative Party After Brexit'

Paul Adamson talks to Stefaan De Rynck

Former adviser to EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier / April 2023

'Inside The Deal: How The EU Got Brexit Done'

Paul Adamson talks to Rafael Behr

Writer, broadcaster and columnist at The Guardian / April 2023

'Politics: A Survivor's Guide'

Paul Adamson talks to Professor Brian Cox

Scientist, Broadcaster and Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester / March 2023

UK science, Horizon Europe and speaking out about Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Stefanie Bolzen

North America Editor, WELT and WELT am Sonntag / March 2023

Reflections on UK and US politics

Paul Adamson talks to Michiel van Hulten

Director of Transparency International EU / February 2023

'Qatargate' and the reputation of the European Parliament

Paul Adamson talks to Cathy Ashton

The EU's first High Representative for Foreign and Policy Security, 2009-2014. / February 2023

'And Then What?: Inside Stories of 21st-Century Diplomacy'

Paul Adamson talks to Anton Spisak

Senior Fellow at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change / January 2023

Prospects for UK-EU relations in 2023

Paul Adamson talks to Marina Hyde

Columnist at The Guardian / January 2023

"What Just Happened? Despatches from Turbulent Times"

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