Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


Paul Adamson talks to Alec Ross

Distinguished Visiting Professor at Bologna Business School and former Senior Adviser for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton / December 2021

'The Raging 2020s'

Paul Adamson talks to Radek Sikorski MEP

Former Foreign Minister and Defence Minister of Poland / December 2021

Poland's regime, transatlantic relations and the EU's approach to China

Paul Adamson talks to Daniela Schwarzer

Executive Director, Europe and Eurasia, at the Open Society Foundations / November 2021

Germany and the EU after Merkel

Paul Adamson talks to Luuk van Middelaar

Author of 'Pandemonium - Saving Europe' / November 2021

Europe's handling of the pandemic

Paul Adamson talks to Fiona Hill

Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at Brookings / October 2021

Finding opportunity in the twenty-first century

Paul Adamson talks to Bobby Duffy

Director of the Policy Institute, King's College, London / October 2021

The fabrication of inter-generational warfare

Paul Adamson talks to Ian Dunt

Columnist at the i newspaper / September 2021

'How to be A Liberal'

Paul Adamson talks to Steve Richards

Author and Columnist / September 2021

'The Prime Ministers We Never Had'

Paul Adamson talks to Gillian Tett

Chairman of the US Editorial Board and Editor-at-Large at the Financial Times / July 2021

"Anthro-Vision - How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life"

Paul Adamson talks to Dario Nardella

Mayor of Florence and President of Eurocities / July 2021

The growing influence of cities and spending priorities for the EU Recovery Fund

Paul Adamson talks to Peter Ricketts

Former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Ambassador to NATO, head of the Foreign Office, National Security Advisor and Ambassador to France / June 2021

"Hard Choices - What Britain Does Next"

Paul Adamson talks to Stefano Sannino

Secretary General of the European External Action Service / June 2021

Making a success of EU foreign and security policy

Paul Adamson talks to Anu Bradford

Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization at the Columbia Law School / May 2021

'The Brussels Effect - How the EU rules the world'

Paul Adamson talks to Terry Reintke MEP

Vice-President of the Greens in the European Parliament / May 2021

EU-UK relations post Brexit and the rise of the Green Party in Germany

Paul Adamson talks to Dr Shann Hulme

Research Leader at RAND Europe / April 2021

The growth of serious and organised crime in Europe

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman

Managing Director and Practice Head, Europe, at the Eurasia Grouup / April 2021

Executing the EU Recovery Plan and implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol

Paul Adamson talks to Rosa Balfour

Director of Carnegie Europe / March 2021

EU and UK foreign and security policy after Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Michael Cashman

Peer, activist, actor and writer / March 2021

The fight for equality

Paul Adamson talks to Timothy Garton Ash

Professor of European Studies at Oxford University and author of a new edition of 'The Magic Lantern' / February 2021

Democracy in Europe

Paul Adamson talks to Steve Erlanger

Chief Diplomatic Correspondent in Europe for the New York Times / February 2021

The new realities of the transatlantic relationship

Paul Adamson talks to Philip Stephens

Chief Political Commentator at the Financial Times and author of 'Britain Alone'. / January 2021

'Britain Alone'

Paul Adamson talks to Charles Grant

Director of the Centre for European Reform / January 2021

Geopolitics in 2021

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