Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


Paul Adamson talks to Geoff Meade

Humourist and former Europe editor of the Press Association / December 2020

Reflecting on 2020 and on the Future of Europe

Paul Adamson talks to Matthew Kirk

Former Diplomat and International Affairs Adviser at Squire Patton Boggs / December 2020

A Brexit stocktake

Paul Adamson talks to Philippe Legrain

Author of 'Them and Us: How Immigrants and Locals Can Thrive Together' / December 2020

The compelling case for immigration

Paul Adamson talks to Christian van Stolk

Executive Vice President at RAND Europe / November 2020

The cost of vaccine nationalism

Paul Adamson talks to Rob Ford

Professor of Political Science at the University of Manchester / November 2020


Paul Adamson talks to Simon Anholt

Author of 'The Good Country Equation' / October 2020

Harnessing globalisation and international collaboration for the greater good

Paul Adamson talks to Matt Forde

Stand Up Comedian, Broadcaster and Writer/Performer on 'Spitting Image' / October 2020

Politically Homeless: thoughts on the Labour Party and political satire

Paul Adamson talks to Nobody Left Outside (NLO)

Alan Compton, photo journalist/curator of the NLO Point of View exhibition, Denis Onyango, African Advocacy Foundation, Alyna Smith, Platform for Int’l Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants & Roberto Pérez Gayo, Correlation-European Harm Reduction Network / October 2020

Point of View - Advocating with user generated content

Paul Adamson talks to Nobody Left Outside (NLO)

Tatjana Buzeti, Policy Officer, European Office for Investment for Health and Development, WHO EUROPE, Ann Isabelle von Lingen & Mario Cascio, EATG (European AIDS Treatment Group) and
Roberto Pérez Gayo, Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network
/ October 2020

Covid-19 in marginalised groups: learning from lived experiences

Paul Adamson talks to Nobody Left Outside (NLO)

Maria-Anna Paraskeva, Senior Policy Officer, DG EMPL, European Commission, Michele LeVoy, Director, Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants & Luca Stevenson, Coordinator, Intl Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe. / October 2020

Covid-19: addressing the impact on workers in the informal economy

Paul Adamson talks to Nobody Left Outside (NLO)

Francesca Colombo, Head of Health Division, OECD, Freek Spinnewijn, Director, European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) & Jeffrey V. Lazarus Head, Health Systems Research Group, Barcelona Institute for Global Health / October 2020

Responses to the pandemic and learnings for the future

Paul Adamson talks to Kim Darroch

Former UK Ambassador to the US and and author of 'Collateral Damage' / September 2020

'Collateral Damage'

Paul Adamson talks to Fiona Hill

Senior Fellow at Brookings and former Senior Director for European and Russian affairs at the US National Security Council / August 2020

Foreign policy and security challenges in the 2020s

Paul Adamson talks to Martin Sandbu

European Economics Commentator at the FT and author of "The Economics of Belonging" / July 2020

"The Economics of Belonging"

Paul Adamson talks to Duncan Robinson

Brussels Bureau Chief of 'The Economist' and 'Charlemagne' columnist / July 2020

Analysing the EU's current in-tray

Paul Adamson talks to Bojan Pancevski

Germany Correspondent of the Wall Street Journal / July 2020

Angela Merkel and Germany's leadership in the EU

Paul Adamson talks to Jonathan Portes

Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King's College, London / June 2020

Crafting a UK immigration policy post Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Enrico Letta

Former Prime Minister of Italy; Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris / June 2020

Italy, Europe and the EU Recovery Fund

Paul Adamson talks to Madeleine Albright

Former Secretary of State and author of 'Hell and Other Destinations: a 21st Century Memoir' / June 2020

Europe's place in the world, transatlantic relations and the US presidential elections

Paul Adamson talks to Eric Lonergan

Co-author of "Angrynomics" / June 2020


Paul Adamson talks to Anand Menon

Director of 'UK in a Changing Europe' / May 2020

Assessing the UK stance in the Brexit talks

Paul Adamson talks to João Vale de Almeida

EU Ambassador to the UK / May 2020

Moving up a gear in the Brexit talks

Paul Adamson talks to Sophie Pedder

Paris bureau chief of 'The Economist' and author of 'Révolution Française: Emmanuel Macron and the Quest to Reinvent a Nation' / May 2020

Understanding Emmanuel Macron

Paul Adamson talks to Anthony Luzzatto Gardner

Author of 'Stars with Stripes' and former U.S. Ambassador to the EU / May 2020

Rebuilding the transatlantic relationship

Paul Adamson talks to Christian Leffler

Former Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service / April 2020

Challenges in forging EU foreign and security policy

Paul Adamson talks to Daniel Dalton

CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in the EU and Belgium / April 2020

Making the business voice heard after Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Will Hutton

Principal of Hertford College, Oxford and columnist for The Observer / April 2020

No more business as usual after the Coronavirus

Paul Adamson talks to Erik Jones

Professor of European Studies and International Political Economy at Johns Hopkins / April 2020

Europe needs a massive fiscal stimulus in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman

Managing Director for Europe at the Eurasia Group / March 2020

The coronavirus and its political and economic impact in Europe

Paul Adamson talks to Denis MacShane

Author of 'Brexiternity' and former UK Minister for Europe / March 2020

'Brexiternity', Labour's leadership and Europe's new progressives

Paul Adamson talks to Jacob Poushter

Associate Director, Global Attitudes, Pew Research Center / February 2020

European public opinion 30 years after the fall of Communism

Paul Adamson talks to Catherine Barnard

Professor of EU Law and Employment Law at Trinity College, Cambridge / February 2020

Implementing Brexit Phase I and the upcoming tensions in Phase II

Paul Adamson talks to Wojciech Wiewiórowski

European Data Protection Supervisor / February 2020

Data protection and the global impact of GDPR

Paul Adamson talks to Eva Maydell

Member of the European Parliament / February 2020

Making coalitions in a fragmented European Parliament

Paul Adamson talks to George Parker

Political Editor of the Financial Times / January 2020

The politics of Brexit Phase II

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