Featured Conversation

Paul Adamson talks to Sophia Besch

Europe Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace / May 2023

Understanding Germany's changing role in the world


Paul Adamson talks to László Andor

Secretary General of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and former European Commissioner from Hungary. / July 2024

Analysing Viktor Orbán

Paul Adamson talks to Simon Kuper

Author and Financial Times Journalist / July 2024

'Good Chaps - How Corrupt Politicians Broke Our Law and Institutions - And What We Can Do About It'

Paul Adamson talks to Mike Clancy

General Secretary of Prospect / June 2024

21st century trade unionism and engagement with a Labour Government and the European Union

Paul Adamson talks to Vĕra Jourová

Vice-President of the European Commission / June 2024

Disinformation in the EP elections and dealing with Hungary

Paul Adamson talks to Sophie Pedder

Paris Bureau Chief at 'The Economist' / May 2024

Understanding Emmanuel Macron

Paul Adamson talks to Javier Espinoza

Competition and Digital Policy Correspondent, FT Brussels Bureau / May 2024

Brussels vs Big Tech

Paul Adamson talks to Will Hutton

Author and Columnist / April 2024

'This Time No Mistakes - How To Remake Britain'

Paul Adamson talks to David O'Sullivan

EU Sanctions Envoy / April 2024

EU Sanctions and Russia

Paul Adamson talks to Tom Baldwin

Author and Journalist / March 2024

Understanding Keir Starmer

Paul Adamson talks to Robert Gibbs

Former Senior Adviser to Barack Obama and now Partner at Bully Pulpit International / March 2024

Deciphering this year's U.S. presidential elections

Paul Adamson talks to James Morrison

European Diplomat and Author / February 2024

'20 Cars That Defined The 20th Century'

Paul Adamson talks to Simon Hix

Professor of Comparative Politics at the European University Institute in Florence / February 2024

The likely rightward shift in June's European Parliament elections

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman

Mujtaba Rahman, Managing Director, Europe and co-head of London Office, Eurasia Group / January 2024

Europe's major challenges in 2024

Paul Adamson talks to Sir Lawrence Freedman

Emeritus Professor of War Studies at Kings College London / January 2024

Putin and the War in Ukraine

Paul Adamson talks to Stella Creasy MP

Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe / December 2023

The Labour Party and Rebuilding Trust with the EU

Paul Adamson talks to Simon McDonald

Simon McDonald, former Head of the UK Foreign Office, now cross-bench peer and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge / November 2023

'Beyond Britannia - Reshaping UK Foreign Policy'

Paul Adamson talks to Emily O'Reilly

The European Ombudsman / November 2023

Holding the 'geo-political' European Commission to account

Paul Adamson talks to Anu Bradford

Professor at Columbia Law School / October 2023

'Digital Empires: The Global Battle To Regulate Technology'

Paul Adamson talks to Peter Kellner

Former President of YouGov and a Visiting Scholar at Carnegie Europe / October 2023

Labour's election prospects and its evolving stance on EU-UK relations

Paul Adamson talks to Richard Gowan

UN Director at the International Crisis Group / September 2023

Inside the UN General Assembly



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