Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


Paul Adamson talks to Martin Westlake

Author of 'Slipping Loose: the UK's long drift away from the European Union'' / December 2019

The UK's uneven membership of the EU

Paul Adamson talks to Ranga Yogeshwar

Physicist and Science Journalist / December 2019

The societal impact of 5G

Paul Adamson talks to Amelia Hadfield

Professor and Head of the Department of Politics and Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe at the University of Surrey / November 2019

UK foreign and security policy post-Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Sam Lowe

Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform / November 2019

Brexit, the greening of trade deals and the weaponisation of trade

Paul Adamson talks to Michael Peel

European Diplomatic Correspondent for the Financial Times / October 2019

The world's new demagogues and authoritarians

Paul Adamson talks to Kalypso Nicolaidis

Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford / October 2019

'Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit'

Paul Adamson talks to John Peet

Political and Brexit Editor at The Economist / October 2019

The future of EU-UK relations

Paul Adamson talks to Senator Marsha Blackburn

Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Tech Task Force / September 2019

Data privacy, the tech industry and Congressional oversight

Paul Adamson talks to David Miliband

CEO of the International Rescue Committee / September 2019

Brexit, US relations and the EU's place in the world

Paul Adamson talks to Robert Madelin

International Chairman of Fipra and former Director General at the European Commission / September 2019

What has the UK ever done for the EU?: Robert Madelin

Paul Adamson talks to Geoff Meade

Former Europe editor of the Press Association / August 2019

Boris Johnson, Brussels journalist - and euroscepticism

Paul Adamson talks to Stephen Fidler

UK and Brexit Editor at the Wall Street Journal / August 2019

Boris Johnson's Brexit strategy

Paul Adamson talks to Frans van Daele

Former Permanent Representative of Belgium to the EU, Ambassador to the US and to NATO, and chef de cabinet of Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council / July 2019

What has the UK ever done for the EU?: Frans van Daele

Paul Adamson talks to Anand Menon

Director of The UK in a Changing Europe project / July 2019

What has the UK ever done for the EU?: Anand Menon

Paul Adamson talks to Jean-Claude Piris

Former head of the Legal Service of the EU's Council of Ministers / June 2019

The true meaning of a 'No Deal Brexit'

Paul Adamson talks to Marietje Schaake

Former Member of the European Parliament / May 2019

The European Parliament elections and gender balance in the EU's top jobs

Paul Adamson talks to Benjamin Haddad

Director of the Europe programme at the Atlantic Council / May 2019

"Paradise Lost: Europe in the world of Trump"

Paul Adamson talks to Susannah Wellford

CEO & Founder of Running Start / April 2019

Surmounting barriers for women to run for political office

Paul Adamson talks to Brigid Laffan

Director of the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute, Florence / April 2019

Confronting the EU's new realities

Paul Adamson talks to Luuk van Middelaar

Author of 'Alarums and Excursions: Improvising Politics on the European Stage' / March 2019

Europe's leaders and crisis politics

Paul Adamson talks to Tony Connelly

Europe Editor, RTE / February 2019

Ireland's handling of Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Jennifer Rankin

Brussels correspondent of The Guardian / February 2019

The EU27's reaction to latest Brexit developments

Paul Adamson talks to Brad Smith

President of Microsoft / January 2019

Responding to the growing 'techlash'

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman

Managing Director and Practice Head, Europe, Eurasia Group / January 2019

Extending Article 50 to clinch a deal

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